Friday, May 28, 2010


Convention... Wow, I am inspired! We had a great weekend.

I think I'll just show you some pictures. Some are not so good as I took them on my phone with not very good lighting etc, but you'll get the idea!

This is the gorgeous view from our hotel window.
The clouds were spectacular — Yep! I love cloudy skies ;)
On the last day we were all given a stamp set — I had to photoshop the images out because we are not aloud to show them — something coming in September!!!
Here I am with my 'roomie' Liz and our new stamp sets.
Our team at the Awards Dinner.
I had to get a pic with Debbie Yeomans too. We are not in the same team (that's another story!), but she is a friend here in Canberra. I am so proud of Debbie, she has achieved so much this year (lots of awards!) and she also did a fab job of her presentation at Convention.
And finally, it wouldn't be Stampin' Up Convention without the beautiful Shelli Gardner,
so I had to get a pic of Shelli & Shelley.

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