Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Father's Day

I know Father's Day was over a week ago now, but I wanted to share with you the little project that we made at the class I ran a couple of weeks back, and also the gifts that my kids made.

One of the projects at the class was a 'toolbox' gift box. The design was based on the toolbox that belongs to my hubby, one of those red metal ones!

So here is the end result. A red toolbox with a tray of tools (from the Totally Tools stamp set). When you lift up the tray there is space for a small gift, chocolates or a tie etc.

We didn't even give this to my hubby on Father's Day. My children had all created their own special things for him, by themselves. I thought he'd appreciate that far more than a box he'd seen me working on for weeks. And he did! Here is the line-up of cards and home made gifts that they made for him. They absolutely adore him :)

There is a plane and a story created by my 5 year old, Liam. Two beautiful cards made by my 7 year old, Zali. A blue card, cut with scizzors by my 2 year old, Luke. The little orange man is indeed my hubby :) made by my 11 year old, Alana. She also made the pop up card which features the pancakes that they brought to us in bed on Father's Day.

The only Stampin' Up products used were some of my least favourite coloured brads, to put my 'orange hubby' together!!

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  1. The toolbox is amazing and the kid's cards are simply gorgeous!


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