Thursday, June 21, 2012

Something more to say & Something shiny

To start with I just want to add to what I said in my last post. In fear of saying too much about my separation, I didn't say all I wanted to, and I don't feel I spoke with my true voice. I just wrote it as "matter of fact" without much about the journey of it. So I would like to share a little more with you. It is difficult to say much about what happened because it is something you don't usually share with the world, but what I do want to say is that the decision was not made lightly. It was years of dealing with some very deep hurt and trying to hold it together (my marriage that is), and months of wrestling with the idea of separation and the ramifications for the children and myself. It truly has been a journey, one that has been difficult, but one that has grown me as a person, and for that I am grateful! The same can be said for my experience with cancer last year. It was hard to face, but I have come out of it a stronger person, with a greater appreciation of life, family and friends, and with a greater desire to live with passion! So there you have it... something more, now said!

And now for something shiny :) It has been some time since I entered a challenge! This one is for the Less is More "something shiny" challenge. What shines is the glitter I have added to the leaves — hopefully that counts as something shiny...

Stamps: Watercolour Vine (wheel), So Happy For You 
Card: Pear Pizzazz, Not Quite Navy
Ink: Not Quite Navy
Other: Dazzling Diamonds Glitter 

The inspiration for this card came when I was at Uni last week. I was sitting behind a fellow student who was wearing this beautiful cardigan, pictured below. I was so distracted by it and couldn't help but (during class) run away with ideas of how I might turn the design of the cardigan into a card!

I do learn in class too!! Just so you know :)


  1. Great inspiration you'll be surprise were you find it Your card is stunning and beautifully recreated!

  2. A stylish card, very pretty. Sue x

  3. It is fabulous to see you again Shelley... and I was so pleased to read that you sound content and positive about your life at the moment. I can only imagine the difficult journey you have made, but delighted that you have come through it with strength and determination.
    Your card is brilliant. I really hope we'll see lots more of you again from now onwards.
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  4. Great card - and perfect take on your "muse"! LOL - that made me giggle - thinking of you in class staring at the person in front of you! Thanks for sharing - sometimes it's good to just say it how it is, but I can feel you have been through alot and you are coming out the other end - I can sympathise with that. Go you! And midwifery - jealous much!

  5. Hi Shelley
    Life really is too short to be somewhere you're unhappy
    Great to see you
    Your card is a stunner!
    Keep smiling
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"


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